How to Launch a brand activation or an experiential marketing campaign.

The social environment is gradually returning to normal as we knew it, following the drop in covid-19 cases globally. Even though there have been recent new cases of the omicron variant detected in many countries across America, Europe, Africa, and Asia including China. But indeed, the outdoors and activities especially in Nigeria are gaining momentum, with several entertainment shows across Lagos and Abuja and other states known to embrace entertainment gathering largely. The political space is also pulling a lot of activity, so you would agree that we have started to live life normally as we knew it before the pandemic.

Business brands have also started to tow this line to engage physically with consumers post-pandemic, come to think of it, well over 22 months have passed since the lockdown period, all through to social distancing and face mask,s etc. it is understandable, the need for brands to start building consumer engagement activities and reconnect with their market experientially.

Sometimes the question of how a brand activation campaign is Launched arises, and for many, it can sometimes be a conundrum, but the truth is brand activation is also experiential marketing.

Let’s quickly define what experiential marketing means, it is a strategy that implies face-to-face communication with a target audience and involves people’s experience with a brand or its products. it aims to shape memorable emotional connections with customers, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. So a brand activation or experiential activity is more of the same thing only bringing other elements to build a fine campaign.

Now just like the name “Brand activation” means to activate, revive, relaunch, and bring back to life a brand product in the market, street, cinema, or mall wherever there is a human gathering or enough human activity that can be perceived as the ideal product target audience, etc.

Brand activations are essentially offline strategies used by brands to solve market-related problems. To mention but a few.

  • Drive one-on-one engagement for products
  • Create product selling opportunities for different products
  • Explain Product Knowledge and functionalities
  • Upselling
  • Sampling
  • Promotions
  • Awareness Brand/ visibility
  • Change Perception

One-on-one engagement

One-on-one engagement Helps build connections with the brand’s target audience, it provides an environment where the values of the product are conveyed to the target audience in a bid to solicit a purchase, test or sampling, etc. while also giving them an experience.

Create Product selling opportunities:

Brand activations campaigns are used to increase sales in-store, and outdoors or convey brand upsell messaging such as discounts, cashback, Free vouchers, sales promotions, offers, etc. call to action here is meant to make you take action and purchase the product.

Product Knowledge and functionalities brand activations can also be Launched to show product functionalities, workability and suitability. Mostly, for tech brands showing the difference they bring to the table in lieu of substitute products is important for consumers to make informed purchase decisions.

Upselling creates the opportunity to sell other products in-store and may not necessarily be on promo, so when the activation is done its some worth opens a common ground for in-store promoters to upsell.

Sampling: Sampling activations help give audiences a taste or feel of the product or service. These activations are usually launched by FMCG, especially when a new product has been launched into the market. There are various ways to have sampling campaigns executed. It is ideal to show the product solving potential consumer problems on the go.

Promotion– Precisely a fantastic way to reach an audience about offers, where and how to buy. An important element in the marketing mix strategy is designed for action-taking audiences.



Change perception: Ally fears and builds confidence.

Brands activations can be executed differently or together depending on the campaign objective, milestones to be met, and the budget. Nevertheless, brand activation can be of various kinds, including Street activation, In-store activation, Mall Activation, Market activation, office Activation, Campus Activation, Influencer campaigns, road shows, online, etc.

So, hope this post on, how to launch a brand activation or an experiential marketing campaign helps… to learn more send us an email at

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