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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Myndaz Touch is a top-class digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria manned by very experienced professionals. With cutting-edge technologies, we deliver a variety of top-class online campaigns with guaranteed ROI. Myndaz Touch operates with a team of industry certified individuals vast in Google AdWords, social media marketing, and analytics. Whether your campaign is focused on digital marketing, social media, or analytics services, be sure to work with a highly committed professional team.

So, at Myndaz Touch we make the connection personal, the business better and the relationship richer. That is why we offer a range of digital marketing services as, social media marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Creative Development, Customer insight, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing.

We add colors to our client’s marketing strategy, before any campaign we conduct an overall audit of your online architecture to ensure we have a 360 airtight strategy.


  • Review Meta Tag and meta description
  • Optimize your lead, sales, & checkout funnels
  • Reduce bounce rates & site load time
  • Reduce shopping cart and checkout abandonment
  • Optimize your message and persuasion architecture
  • Perform online, split, A/B, and MVT testing
  • Manage creative and content that’s sure to engage with your audience
  • Implement all necessary analytics, testing, and marketing automation tools
  • Optimize visitor engagement, and rev up your ROI
  • Site speed, on both mobile and desktop with UX/UI analysis
Online conversion Marketing Funnel

Online conversion Marketing Funnel (CMF marketing funnel)

With our CMF strategy, we will isolate your target audience every step of the user journey across all major acquisition channels, CMF is a brutal revenue generation strategy this is tested.


We work with our global partners to help map out each stage of the customer journey from awareness through to sales and referrals before commencing work. This allows us to assess the most effective and agile way to maximize returns and amplify your brand impact across your customers’ digital ecosystem. We’re experts in delivering world-class Search, Social, and App activations for our brand partners.


We help you drive growth, reduce the cost of sales and maximize revenue using insider digital strategies, so you can enjoy more revenue without the stress


Google is the biggest search engine in the world. With what users search advertisers are able to target them and serve ads when they are most relevant to the consumer. We utilize smart bidding in all our client campaigns, the strategies and types of smart bids may differ but overtime has given impressive result during campaigns

Why is Smart bidding so effective?

Smart bidding is a subset of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimize for conversions in each and every auction – a feature known as ‘auction-time bidding’.

With auction-time bidding, you can factor a wide range of signals into your bid optimizations. This includes attributes like device and location, some of the automated signals are leveraged in real-time to either outbid your competitors and drive higher-quality customers with a much higher certainty to convert based on historical or heavily reduce CPCs data that shows no real intent to convert, but rather ‘window shop’.


Re-marketing is essential to the survival of any business selling online. Over 80% of first-time visitors don’t make a purchase. It’s therefore important to understand the value of the customers, through segmentation and implementation of audience lists based on engagement, we’ll be able to identify users with a higher propensity to purchase and bid accordingly

Display Marketing

Targeted awareness campaigns on display networks ensure your reach over 2 million websites globally and reach over 90% of all global Internet users.

We can help you create and manage a bespoke strategy that can target your ideal customers in specific locations at scale.


For us at Myndaz touch reaching brand consumers on youtube is an act perfected by our team of experts. With youtube ads, you only pay if a viewer watches your entire ad – if they skip straight to the video, you don’t pay anything. That’s why we understand the need to make those first five seconds count. We handle everything from initial concept through to storyboarding, production, and campaign management, ensuring your advertisements perform at their best, increasing your ROI.

4 ways To Scale with Youtube


A Video That Sells

Your video should connect with your audience and motivate them to take action.

Campaign Structure

Your campaign structure should leverage the latest from Google/YouTube.

A Landing Page That Converts

Your video’s job is to make someone say “maybe” and then click to find out more. It’s up to your landing page to either close the sale or get prospects to take the next step.

Remarketing Campaigns

Even the best video and landing page combo will only convert a few out of every 100 visitors. Getting the right remarketing structure in place can help you close more sales!

Social Media Marketing

As a digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria, we understand the market requirements.  We work with brands according to their intended goals and KPIs, whether it is increased awareness and social chatter or more performance-related goals such as increased sales.

How we achieve results

We do an extensive test on creative, copy, and headline to identify the best copy and a headline that connects more with the target audience. For us, it’s all about the best and fastest way to achieve social media campaign success.


Myndaz Touch has an in-house creative design team that crafts eye-catching, unique and appealing social media ads, capturing, encapsulating, and amplifying the brand mission, connecting emotionally, and creating memorable experiences for consumers.


We can help you execute a 360 social media strategy on the following platform FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. We can also integrate online and offline to achieve one super campaign. So, if you need an airtight campaign that is guaranteed to deliver ROI then get in touch and see why we are a top-class digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria.

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